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"A village boy with vision and determination to succeed"
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Mr. Angelo Xuereb
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Mosta Road,
Lija, LJA 9010 - Malta

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It’s true that my life has been a success and I’m proud of my achievements. Playing the humble at this stage would be hypocritical. But whatever the successes and achievements, I still feel I’m a humble man at heart, at home amongst the humble people I grew up with in the village of Naxxar. They are the people who helped me become what I am today, never making me forget my humble roots in the narrow streets right in the centre of the old part of Naxxar.

Success has enabled me to travel far and wide and I have been to most countries around the globe. But Malta is my home. This is where my imagination is fueled. This is where I have visions of a better Malta for our future generations and this is where I feel the determination seeping up from the solid, bare rock beneath feet to envelop my whole body and mind, and urges me to continue.

My autobiography is based on facts as they truly happened. It’s about a dream that became reality and written to serve as an example and inspiration to young men who are dreamers like me, but who are determined to smash through the difficulties and meet head on the challenges that could blur their vision. It’s written for those young people who need to start from scratch and who have the vision to become entrepreneurs. It’s written for those young people who face great odds and need an inspiration in order to succeed.