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"A village boy with vision and determination to succeed"
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Mr. Angelo Xuereb
AX House
Mosta Road,
Lija, LJA 9010 - Malta

Tel: 00356 2331 2345

Email: [email protected]


During my very busy schedule during the early years of my career, I did not have much free time to carry out my hobbies. When I started to engage some Managers in my business, I started to take off a few hours to enjoy some squash games in winter, while windsurfing and water skiing in summer.  When I bought my first yacht, I had to slow down on windsurfing, even though I used to enjoy the serenity to be free on my own, whilst taking the challenge against the wind.

At the age of 40, I took up snow skiing which I really enjoy and which has become my favourite yearly sporting week holiday in the Alps.  Cycling with my mountain bike in the country side has also become a favourite hobby as it gives my mind some rest from the hectic life and gives me some free time to think, while keeping physically fit. I also took up Golf, but unfortunately it is still difficult to find enough free time for this sport. I still play the occasional game, though.

My passion has always been and still is driving cars. I cannot say I am a fanatic driver, but I do enjoy releasing my nerves while racing my Aston Martin on the race track.