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"A village boy with vision and determination to succeed"
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Mr. Angelo Xuereb
AX House
Mosta Road,
Lija, LJA 9010 - Malta

Tel: 00356 2331 2345

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Achieving success at a relatively young age did not alienate me from the deprivations of my early childhood, my very modest beginnings and the poverty and sufferings extant around me.

Men are equal in the eyes of God but some are less so in the eyes of man, and I consider it a duty and an act of love to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate whose smile pays me back a hundredfold.

Monetary assistance is beneficial but finite whereas help in kind is more enduring and beneficial to a wider circle of people. This is what urged me on, way back in the mid eighties, to shed my natural shyness and approach other contractors and suppliers to give their free services and wares for a project that I personally oversaw throughout. And thus, in six months, we construct the aptly named Park of Friendship, a large sports and recreation centre for persons with disabilities.

This, in turn, encouraged my wife Jessie to launch her own non-profit charitable organisation, aimed at assisting individuals and families in need and also other charitable institutions. Initially named Charitable Welfare Committee it grew so fast that after a few years it had its own formal statute and renamed AX Foundation. Although most of the beneficiaries are Maltese residing in Malta, assistance has also been extended to missions in Central Africa and Brazil.

I am still proud of my two terms as Mayor of my home town. I think that Naxxar has greatly benefitted from the way all the council members worked hard under my leadership to better the lives of the people who had put their trust in us. My only regret for not running for a third term is that I could no longer distribute my honoraria as Mayor among the needy families of Naxxar.

Jessie and I attend the odd social event especially when it’s a “must”. However, we have never become socialites. We do have many friends whose company we enjoy, but very few close friends with whom we spend weekends and holidays.

Jessie and I love to enjoy each other’s company whenever our tight schedules make it possible.

Angelo Xuereb with the President of Malta, Dr.
George Abela on behalf of the Community Chest
Fund which is Malta's leading charity organization
Jessie with the late Benazir Bhutto

With our great Missionary Dun Gorg Grima, to whom we greatly support his help with the poorest of
the poor in Brazil and Africa