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"A village boy with vision and determination to succeed"
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Mr. Angelo Xuereb
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At one point during the conversation, one of my father’s friends turned on me and asked, “So, Ġulino. What would you like to do when you grow up?” I immediately stood up and very assertively replied, “A businessman. A very successful businessman.”

That was Angelo Xuereb, a gangling thirteen year old boy still in short pants being made fun of by his father’s cronies one hot Sunday afternoon. Angelo is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs Malta has ever produced.

Angelo has written an autobiography spanning fifty-eight years. It is written in the simplest flowing language that brings to life the main characters that influenced his life and actions. It is a story of a village boy who made it to the top single-handedly unless one forgets the €230 his fiancée, later to become his wife, lent him to start him off.

The book traces life in Malta since the aftermath of the Second World War when unemployment was widespread and the country had to rebuild itself from scratch.

It is a story of success, written with rare bluntness and containing vivid scenes some of which are hilarious, others poignant and all totally honest. It is a story of a successful business and family man who is proud of his love for his country.

It is an inspiring story that is as fast moving as a successful novel. All of the Author’s profits from the sale of this book are being donated to Charity.

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