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"A village boy with vision and determination to succeed"
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Mr. Angelo Xuereb
AX House
Mosta Road,
Lija, LJA 9010 - Malta

Tel: 00356 2331 2345

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Mr. Angelo Xuereb, ‘A Village Boy with vision and a determination to Succeed’ now one of Malta’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Today the AX Holdings Group has developed into one of Malta’s leading private companies, heavily involved in three core sectors, Construction, Hospitality & Development, all having a major impact on the Maltese economy.

Angelo has written an autobiography spanning fifty-nine years. It is written in the simplest flowing language that brings to life the main characters that influenced his life and actions. It is a story of a village boy who made it to the top but still very humble at heart and proud of his love for his country, Malta.

Within this site you will get a sneak peak of his biography, ranging from a synopsis of the various chapters found in his book, photo albums through the ‘ages’, his family, hobbies as well as various press releases and business galleries which all offer a great insight into his life.

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