Creativity for Energy

Federation of Building Contractors president Angelo Xuereb warns that Malta risks failings its energy objectives unless it acts fast. Whereas the EU is talking about 20 per cent clean energy by 2020, better insulation and zero energy building as well as a reduction in overall energy consumption, Malta lags sorely behind.

Malta’s Quality Product

Quality is the magic word that every European country should be striving for. Understanding that quality products attract quality clients and that poor products don’t have the same results is not rocket science. We all know taht if we throw peanuts we will get monkeys. If we want lions, we have to use meat!

AN Proposes more Marine Activity in Sliema

Azzjoni Nazzjonali recently proposed the development of the Sliema Waterfront in an attempt to embellish the town and to bring out it true potential. During a presentation of his party’s proposals at the Palace Hotel in Sliema, AN deputy leader Angelo Xuereb insisted that the commercial centre should remain based around the promenade of The Strand, Bisazza Street and Tower Road, and not directed to Tigne’ Point, where a massive project is underway.

A Vision…an Illusion

The government’s latest vision for Malta’s Grand Harbour is yet another illusion. Over the past 20 years, the government has not been capable of implementing one single project of this magnitude. So, how can anyone believe that it is serious in its vision?

Josie Muscat’s Party Launched

Azzjoni Nazzjonali (AN), a new right-wing political party, was officially launched yesterday pledging to “clean up” Malta of dirt, corruption and migrants. Steered by former Nationalist MP Josie Muscat, property developer Anġlu Xuereb and university lecturer Philip Beattie, the new party was announced at its first public meeting, held at Le Meridien Phoenicia yesterday morning, that it would be contesting the next election.

A death Sentence to the Indipendent Mayor?

Twelve years ago, the government introduced local councils on an experimental basis. Today, it is a fact that these were successful and are here to stay. The government is now considering reviewing the law and one major change is the way in which the mayor is elected.

Naxxar Mayor Unveils Ambitious Plan for Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq

Naxxar Council has drawn up an ambitious coast embellishment plan for Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, aiming to transform the area into a major attraction. Forward-looking mayor Anġlu Xuereb said yesterday the plan would  =be presented to the environment and tourism ministries and the PlanningAuthority in the hope that an action committee would be appointed for its implementation.

Naxxar Major Highlights bad state of Village Roads

No fewer than 138 out of Naxxar’s 188 roads are badly in need of repairs, resurfacing or construction works. The village’s mayor put the estimated cost of such road works yesterday at Lm2 million.

Chamber draws up ‘Keep Malta Clean’ Blueprint

The Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Dr Stanley Żammit, on Tuesday promised a great change for the better in the Maltese environment during this year but added in a bitter remark that unfortunately, the countryside has already been ruined. Dr Zammit said he would be considering seven proposals presented to him by Mr Angelo Xuereb, chairman of the environment steering committee set up a year ago by the Chamber of commerce.